Frequently Asked Questions

SIM Registration

How much is a QCell card? QCell SIM Card is absolutely FREE of charge. Just visit a QCell Customer Care Centre with one of your national documents for SIM card registration.
Why do I have to register my QCell line? It is a mandate from the government of the Sierra Leone to register all SIM cards for security reasons and to reduce phone related crime.
What documents do I need to register my QCell SIM card? You will need an International passport, National ID card, Drivers Licence or Voters card. Non Sierra Leoneans can use their International passport.

Data Bundle

How do I know that my data bundle is about to expire?  Dial *303# and reply with option number 5 which reads Check Balance. Similarly, you can dial *101# for information on your account balance.
What happens when my data bundle expires? The Bundles have various validity from the date of purchase. When expired whilst you still have credit, you can dial *303# and reply with option number 1 to buy bundle and then 2 for data bundle and select the bundle of your choice.
Can I continue using the internet with my credit when I exhaust my data bundle? No. you will not be able to continue browsing unless you subscribe to another bundle again. You can dial *303# and then reply with 1 to buy bundle and choose 2 for data bundle.

Tok Boku Bundle

How can I subscribe to Tok Boku Bundle? Dial *303# and reply with 1 to buy bundle and choose 1 for tok boku bundle , you will then select the bundle of your choice.


How can I subscribe to Qnite? Dial *303# and reply with 3 and press 1 to confirm Qnite subscription.
I have subscribed to Qnite but I'm not able to access the internet even when its 12:00pm You can only enjoy qnite Unlimited internet browsing from 12:00am till 7:00am .
How can I enjoy 4G LTE on my device First , your device must be 4G enabled, then dial *335# and reply with 1 to self activate . Go to your Data settings and select 4G or LTE , you may keep it at auto as well. Then switch of the data and turn on again.


 Customer Care: 111   Check Balance: *101#   Buy Bundle: *303#   Know Your Number: *160# 

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